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Waterproof Liner

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  • $59.00
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Now features thicker material to increase durability!

Liners are hand-washable (wipeable).

Bases fit most kids couches!


Upgrade your Flip (if purchased prior to July 1st, 2021) to include a waterproof liner! Simply remove the cover of your Flip, put on the liner, and put the original cover back on over the liner. Our liners were designed to easily fold over the foam to get the best coverage and closest fit. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brooke Wilson
Fits Nugget

Got this liner for my Nugget sofa. It fit great and works perfect for the price. The material was a lot softer than I anticipated (I was thinking more plastic cover than waterproof material). I even ran it under the sink to see how well it repelled water and it didn't soak into the material at all!

Misty Belda
Fit Nugget couches fine!

I wanted a waterproof liner for our nugget couches for Christmas. Another brand is always recommended but I could not justify the $90 price tag that came with hers, especially for 2 couches. I saw this brand mentioned that they fit Nugget couches so I decided to give it a try and they fit fine! They also make the covers go on easier too. We haven’t had any major spills but you can tell just from the fabric alone that it repels water. The company also had a supply issue and my liners got delayed and arrived after Christmas, but they were great with update and even sent a small gift as an apology.

Jordyn Hunt
Can’t beat these!

We bought these for our Nugget and they work perfectly! Easy to put on in the fit was great, after I put the outside shell back on you can’t even tell

Great liner for the price!

These liners don't fully enclose with zippers, instead they fold over the foam pieces. Water sits on top of the material and literally wipes away. Because the material doesn't absorb water, it dries pretty fast. It's also not loud or crinkly.

It fits my Nugget including the triangle pieces.

My only concern is durability. I noticed a small tear or 2 along a corner seam so that makes me worry about how well this will hold up. I tried to fold more material over the small opening but I don't know if this will stay put from rough play so I'll occasionally check it.

Overall it'll protect the foam and at a great price point.

Kelcee Brooks
Very Impressed

We do not have a flip couch but have several Nugget couches. We’ve had multiple spills/nosebleeds/potty training accidents recently and I’ve been looking for a way to protect the foam. Someone recently recommended these to me. I was skeptical that they wouldn’t fit correctly since they are made for the flip couch. When they arrived, I was also skeptical because they appeared confusing and complicated to put on. I followed the step by step instructional video that was emailed to me after my purchase to put them on and it was surprisingly very easy! The rectangle covers fit perfectly on our Nuggets and, to my surprise, the triangle covers, though not a perfect fit, actually fit on our triangles as well and once the covers are put back on, you can’t even tell that the covers aren’t a perfect fit. These are so much more affordable than some of the other covers on the market and, as a bonus, they arrived within 2-3 days of ordering! Overall, I’m highly impressed with the service and quality and would definitely recommend these to anyone looking to protect their kids’ couches!