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The Flip Kid's Couch

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  • $299.00
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The infinitely configurable play couch made up of four foam pieces: base, cushion, and two trapezoid pillows. 

New Features

*Waterproof Liners - hand-washable (wipeable)

Zipper Covers – less tugging from your little ones

Higher ILD Foam – more rigid foam, great for building

What's In The Box & Dimensions

1 x Thin Connected Squares: 66in L x 33in W x 3in H

1 x Thick Connected Squares: 66in L x 33in W x 5in H

2 x Trapezoid Pillow: 15w x 24L x 10.5H  with a  4.5” wide flat top

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Greatly regret my purchase

I did a good amount of research before buying the Flip Kids Couch. Even though it was a bit more expensive than the competitor, it advertised quick shipping, coming with a waterproof cover included (main reason I chose it), and had the flat top triangle cushions which I loved. First off, it didn't ship as quickly as advertised, which had me panicking, but I eventually received the product which is what mattered, and I was happy that the color (the grey ) was perfect for our space. Immediately though, I started having some issues with the couch. Mostly in the early days I noticed the couch covers kept slipping and sliding around which made for an unsightly appearance. The corners are also very rounded and not squared off. I emailed the company within the 30 days asking for advice, and never got a response. I couldn't afford another couch, so we stuck with it. Another problem I quickly noticed is that is shows every little water mark. My son would drool and it left extremely noticable marks which did not wash very well. The girls I nanny have the popular competitor brand, and they peed on the couch and spilt water on the couch multiple times, and never was a mark left behind and it washed well. Speaking of washing, when I went to wash mine for the first time, I discovered that the advertised waterproof cover, the reason I bought the couch, didn't exist. I was quite upset so emailed the company for help, and again received no response. Now we don't really use our couch for builds. The thin piece is flimsier than the competitor brand and doesn't hold too well. Ours stays in the couch formation as a seating space in my son's playroom, really only being moved when we reconfigure the space. Despite not being moved very much, our handles are already ripping off. The girls I nanny use their couch exclusively for builds, daily, and their handles are still well attached. The only thing we love about our couch are the the triangle cushions. The flat top is great for my son to walk across and to stand on to see out the window.

So in review, Pros: the grey color and the flat topped triangles. Cons: cover slips, rounded corners, shows water marks, doesn't wash well, handles coming off, flimsy thin cushion, no waterproof cover, and a biggy.. no customer service.

Hopefully I am the only lucky one who experienced all of these issues, but especially because of no response to multiple emails sent, I will not recommend this couch to anyone I know.

Debbie Johnson

Brought the Flip Couch for my 10 month old daughter for Christmas. She absolutely loved it!

Lindsay Hall
So Fun!

This product is so fun and versatile! I love that I can just throw the covers in the washer, they aren't a huge pain to get on or off. My littles love climbing on them and I love giving them something 'new' with just moving them around!
I would like to see some sort of handle on the trapezoid pieces similar to the ones on the others or maybe completely different. I just think that's something that would make grabbing them easier!
I would also like to see a graphic or some way to compare color choices side by side and to even include past colors for when I want to add a new set! Thanks so much!

So versatile!

Not sure who likes it more, my son or me! I love making new builds and I can't wait for him to get bored with one before I build another, haha. We will probably end up getting a second one for Christmas. It has even hosted a few nap times! I've even caught our cats snoozing on it a few times.

The foam holds up even directly after heavy use; the zippers are nicely tucked away, and it is a breeze to clean off if crumbs or liquid have a little spill. The size is perfect for my very tall almost 2 year old (constantly being mistaken for 3 or 4 due to height).

Katie Peters
Pros and Cons

I ordered our flip about a year ago so it should be noted that ours is not the stronger foam. However, I’m really disappointed with the durability of this product. Within in a year (being used once a week I’d say), the foam has definitely compressed to the point where it’s very difficult to do any builds anymore. I love supporting small companies, especially ones based here in the US but I wish we would have waited on another brand for a longer life of use. Again, this was before the foam was strengthened so it could have been resolved but I wish I had seen a review like this a year ago. All that being said, it truly is a wonderful company and I deeply hope this problem has already been solved!