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What kind of foam do you use?

All of our foam is free from harmful elements like lead, mercury, and formaldehyde. All of our products from foam to fabric have been tested and certified through an accredited Consumer Product Safety Commission testing lab. Additionally, we are CertiPur certified.

More Details:

Small base: 1.5ft³ with 40ILD

Large base: 1.5ft³ with 45ILD

Trapezoids: Same as large base

(The higher the ILD, the more firm.)


Are the covers waterproof?

The Outdoor Flip covers are water and mildew resistant!  We also include waterproof liners with every item that cover the foam, and are hand-washable! 


Can I purchase a waterproof liner?

Yes! Waterproof liners are now available for people who purchased their Flip prior to July 1, 2021. Find them under the "Shop" tab.


If I am buying The Flip as a gift, how long can I leave it in the box condensed?

We do not recommend leaving The Flip condensed for longer than a week after it has been delivered. If the Flip is left condensed for longer than 15 days it will not be covered under the trial period. 


How is The Flip different from other kid’s couches, forts and play mats? 

Every Flip Couch comes with a waterproof liner included to protect your foam from spills and other mishaps.  

And take a look at those smaller pieces. We designed those two pieces uniquely for your little ones. They can be turned on their sides to act as a triangle, OR they sit up right and become a balance beam, step stool, mountain top, tea party table… you get the idea. We are also fully made and manufactured in the USA. We take great care in where and how we source our materials, so you’re getting a well-made product every single time. 


What are all of the pieces in The Flip Kid’s Couch set? 

Four pieces make up a whole Flip Kid’s Couch set. There are two large bases that measure 33" by 66 inches. The two smaller pieces (trapezoids) measure at 15w x 24L x 10.5H  with a  4.5” wide flat top. 


When will I receive my order?

Your order will be shipped to you within 1-3 business days.


How much is shipping?
Shipping within the contiguous states is free on all products unless stated otherwise. We offer $20 off for local pick up.  For orders outside the US, please contact us as


Any special tricks for washing the covers?

Nope. We recommend a cold wash and tumble dry low if you want to keep the cover looking as fresh as the day it arrived. However, we also put it through the hot water, fast spin cycle, high heat dryer test and it passed with flying colors. We do NOT recommend using carpet spot cleaners as they can leave a ring and damage your micro suede cover.  We DO recommend using just water or water mixed with blue Dawn dish soap - then just water after.


Can I purchase covers for The Flip and other kid’s couches that look like it? 

The answer is YES, very soon. We will have multiple measurements of kid’s couch covers available for purchase in our core group of colors. Check back in a couple of weeks to order yours! 


Are these made in the US? 

Absolutely, and proud of it.  All of the materials and pieces are made and manufactured in Indiana.  


What if I want to return it? 

Everyone gets a 21-day trial with the Indoor and Outdoor Flip Kid’s Couch. Play, jump, explore, build, flip for three weeks and if it’s still not what you want, please email us to inquire about our return policy and refund process.  All returns may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.  We know that you’ll be flipping for your product - but just in case you aren’t completely satisfied, you can send an email to with your order information and the issue with your product. Exchanges for different colors are currently not available.


Where can I get more of The Flip?

Let's be friends, please. We're on Facebook and Instagram, just search @theflipkidscouch and join the party!